How Well Do You Know the Language of Flowers?

In Victorian times, people would use the language of flowers to communicate secret messages. This quiz will test just how well you know it. Just eight words short, wait, never mind!

Do I seriously have to do this? Fine. A single flower has several meanings, so your meaning and my meaning may not match up. That doesn't mean your wrong, it simply means I used another meaning. Or you're wrong. Either or.

Created by: amazon
  1. What does aloe represent?
  2. What does basil represent?
  3. What do red carnations represent?
  4. Daffodils represent
  5. Hazel represent
  6. What do olives represent?
  7. Orchids can represent
  8. One definition of a tansy is
  9. Wisterias represent
  10. Water lilies can represent
  11. Chestnuts can mean

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know the Language of Flowers?