How does your crush feel about you?

Texting. Virtually everyone does it. But the question is, how well do you REALLY know it? Do you actually know the meanings of all those groovy abbreviations you use? This quiz can answer that question.

Whether it's typing or texting, there is a secret hidden language behind it. Do you know the true meaning of this language? Are you adept to crack code of the new age?

Created by: watcher of wisdom
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  1. Does your crush know that you even exist?
  2. How does your crush react when they first see you?
  3. Your crush is throwing a party, and invites are going out. You:
  4. You are sitting at home one day when the phone rings. You answer it and it is your crush! What would they MOST LIKELY be calling for?
  5. As of right now, what sort of relationship do you and you crush have? (They're listed in order from best to worst)
  6. Where do most often see your crush?
  7. How do you MOST OFTEN talk to your crush?
  8. How often do you and your crush talk?
  9. When you and your crush talk, what do u usually talk about?
  10. Do you and your crush have things in common?
  11. Does you crush ever look at you?

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Quiz topic: How does my crush feel about you?