How smart are you?

People are smart at different subjects. Maths, Science, Maths, Geography, History etc. This quiz has added Three of the most important subjects to see how smart you are at them!

How smart are you? Are you good at English, Maths and Science subjects? Can you get at least 80% out of 100% Take this quiz and find out how smart you really are!

Created by: amazon
  1. Level One (English/literacy) Find the misspelled word in this sentence. "There was a large earthqake in the local park on Sunday.
  2. Level 2 (English/Literacy) find the punctuation error. "Wasn't, Does'nt don't, they'll, It's, I'l, She'll, He'll, It'll"
  3. Level Three (English/Literacy) what does "Rhetorical question" mean?
  4. Level four (English/Literacy) find the word that also means Sad. Solemn, Seldom, fearful, timorous, apprehensive
  5. Level 5 (English/literacy) Find an example of "Onomatopoeia"
  6. Level One (Mathematics) Answer this calculation 10x6=
  7. Level Two (Mathematics) Which is the biggest number? 1.8, 1.61, 1.33, 1.78
  8. Level Three (Mathematics) what is the mode number from this sequence? 12,14,6,8,1,12,6,6,14,1
  9. Level four (Mathematics) There was 18 marbles in a bag. 5 marbles where red, 7 marbles where green and 6 marbles where blue. What is the possibility of getting a red marble?
  10. Level 5 (mathematics) One card costs 0.38. How much would 43 cards cost?
  11. Level One (Science) How fast can a cheetah run at maximum speed approximately?
  12. Level Two (Science)Is 7 an Alkali or Acid on the pH scale?
  13. Level Three (Science) Which of the following animals have lived on earth since prehistoric times and still not extinct?
  14. Level 4 (science) How warm is the Sun outside in Celsius?
  15. Level 5 (Science) Why do blue eyes exist?
  16. Extra Question's (1/5) What wild cat is the biggest?
  17. Extra question (2/5) What is the Temperature on the earths surface?
  18. Extra question (3/5) What is 300x60?
  19. Extra questions (4/5) how many time a year do people blink?
  20. Extra question (5/5) Which one of these answers are a subspecies of the Grey wolf?

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