What Kind Of Satanist Are You

There Are many kinds Of Satanists out their, Atheistic, Theistic, and then their is the Poser and the Confused in religion. Find Out Your True Satanic Mind.

Are You A True Theistic Satanist ? or are you just a Poser, find out with this Satanic Quiz ? Find Out if you have a Good Satanic Grasp On Knowlge and Satanic Law.

Created by: amazon
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  1. Who Created The Satanic Bible ?
  2. What is Does an Theistic Satanist Believe ?
  3. Is Heavy Metal Music Real Devil Whorship ?
  4. What do Atheistic Satanists Belive in ?
  5. How Were Humans Created ?
  6. If You Held A Black Mass, What Would It Be Like ?
  7. How Many Satanic Sins Are Their In The Satanic Bible ?
  8. Do You Belive In Self-Indulgence ?
  9. Evil Spelled BackWards Is Live, Evil To You Is...
  10. What Do You Think You Will Be Scored As ?

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Satanist am I