Do you know your Satanic Philosophy ?

how well do you know about the satanic philosphy. this quiz is 100% correct. is quiz is created by a fellow satanist who wants other satanist's input and ideas.

Do YOU know the Satanic Philosophy or not? take this quiz and find out today or where ever the hell you are and keep up the satanic forces on earth forever.

Created by: Travis
  1. Who wrote the Satanic Bible ?
  2. Should humans Envey, Lust, Vengence, and Self-Indulge as they Please ?
  3. A school bully spills out rumors about you, that are completly false, what do you do ?
  4. What is Heaven & Hell ?
  5. What do you consider YOURSELF ?
  6. Who is the Seal Of Light ?
  7. What is Evil Spelled Backwards ?
  8. Satans' name in numbers is ?
  9. The Word "Satan" In Hebrew Means... ?
  10. The main difference between Athiestic and Theistic Satanists Are ?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my Satanic Philosophy ?