Are you pretty be honest

No matter who you are pretty in your skin color or your hair sometimes the bad parts to yourself are the best be proud of what score you got, your wonderful.

So ladies or men listen up no matter what anyone tells you don't listen to the bad things know that you are wonderful and pretty even if you get a bad score on this test it doesn't matter only one person's opinion just for fun this test is for.

Created by: amazon of Birdlove
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  1. What color are your eyes
  2. What color are your eyebrows
  3. What is the shape of your eyebrows
  4. How thick are your eyebrows
  5. How big are hot eyes/What shape
  6. What type of nose do you have
  7. What's your face shape
  8. How nice are your lips
  9. What's your hair color
  10. How thick is your hair
  11. Do you have body to your hair(that's ok if it's frizzy)
  12. How long are your eyelashes
  13. How old are you
  14. How big are you/ body shape
  15. What does your chin look like
  16. Do you have cheekbones
  17. What color are your teeth
  18. Do you have nice shaped teeth/are they straight
  19. Do you have any blemishes or pimples
  20. How smooth is your skin
  21. Do you have freckles
  22. Do you have a butt
  23. Do you wear Lots of makeup
  24. How are your nails
  25. Do toy have a drug acohol or smoking problem
  26. Did you like this test and just remember no matter what the results are you are beautyful just the way you are

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Quiz topic: Am I pretty be honest