Who will you love? part 26

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This will make NO sense whatsoever without the first 25 parts - so go, go do them now! It's worth it trust me ;) Lots of strange happenings this time! See if you can suss out what's going down..

Description of the guys ♥Seth - Cute! medium height, tousled blonde hair, bright blue eyes ♥Gavin - Hot! tall, tanned skin, dark brown hair and cheeky grin, chocolate brown eyes ♥Blake - Shy! short with longish bronze hair, dimples and glass green eyes ♥Conner - Mysterious! Also tall, pale skin, jet black hair that falls over one eye, grey eyes

Created by: Alethea

  1. You wake up in the morning, rubbing your eyes unsure if the conversation with Conner even happened and glance over at everyone still all cuddled up together sleeping peacefully on the sofa - with the exception of Gavin. Looking at Conner's bedhead, Blake's content face and Seth's innocent sleeping face makes you smile - another side of them for you to see. Howl's arm is laid over you, you carefully remove it trying not to wake him and leave to find Gavin..
  2. Using your detective-like wit, you decide that Gavin is most likely to be.. well, in his room! So you climb the spiralling staircase up to Gavin's room. "Gavin, you in here?" you ask knocking and entering the room. He's there with his head in his hands, you can't see his face because he's looking down. Sparks are flying in all directions, he must be upset. You..
  3. Gavin looks up "Oh _____ sorry I didn't see you there." the electric sparks disappear. "Gavin are you okay?" You ask suspiciously. He laughs and says "Pahah don't look at me like that! Course i'm fine, always am" He smiles to reassure you. He pats the space on the bed next to him and you go to sit down..
  4. "Listen about this Howl guy, I reckon there's something different about him.. Blake wouldn't let just anyone stay here" Gavin says, he looks over to see your reaction. "So you think Howl is gifted too??" You ask in shock "Nah, well I can't be sure but he sure as hell ain't human." His tone of voice then changes more seriously, he looks straight into your eyes and says "I don't want him to tear us apart, I get that we're not together or anything. But it's weird, like I don't feel right when you're not here. I miss you. It's totally different to how i've felt about anyone else.. I just don't get it." He sighs and looks back down again.
  5. His tone lightens as he smirks and says playfully "Now piss off! I've got to work out, you might not be able to control yourself after seeing me in action hahah!"
  6. You laugh, happy that he seems to have cheered up and leave the room. In the corridoor you hear what sounds like shouting :o you..
  7. It seems to be coming from Harley's room.. so you get your ninja skills on and listen by the door.. "It's just too risky Harl! You can't stay, I mean it." Conner shouts. "Keep your bloody voice down Con! We're screwed if anyone hears so let's just talk through this like adults, I might look like a kid but i've got damn near thousands of years on everyone here." says Harley, trying to quieten Conner. His voice drops low and you hear him say muffled through the door "Just don't get too close to her, for all our sakes." Harley butts in "But what if I..!" and trails off. "Not another word Harley or i'll make you, i'm not afraid to use my power against you." Conner says coldly. You hear Conner approaching the door and dart stealthily behind a curtain, just in time before the door opens and Conner walks swiftly away..
  8. You hear and faint whimpering coming from Harley's room.. feeling bad, you knock on the door. "Harley? Can I come in?" You ask cautiously. "_____? Erm hold on, give me a sec!" You hear some rustling about in the room and then the door opens, Harley stands in front of you with red bloodshot eyes, it's obvious the whimpering you heard was crying. A fake grin is stretched out across Harley's face and says "What can I do for ya?". Your heart aches, at how strong Harley is trying to be, you pull Harley in for a tight hug!
  9. The hug is warm - very warm. For a split second you brush cheeks with Harley, and memories come flying past. You see yourself, looking very flustered with red cheeks, it's like you're seeing out of someone else's eyes. A clock strikes in the background and you return back.. Harley's eyes clearly have a look of terror and you are pushed back. "S-sorry love, i've got a fever.. i'm not well" Harley stammers, turing scarlett. "No no i'm sorry! I'll go.." You say heading out the room quickly. Something is wrong here, you try to make sense of what's going on..
  10. Your head begins to spin and you feel dizzy. Then, everything goes black. "Hey _____! Long time no see!" A familiar pair of enchanting midnight blue eyes are looking back at you. "Miss me Theo?" You say, accepting the weirdness of the situation.
  11. That's it until next time! Not much of that will make sense now.. but it will soon ;) who do you love?

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