What Type Of Romantic Are You

I gave you What Type of Guy Fits You and What Kind of Foreign Guy Fits You, and now i bring What Type Of Romantic Are You. There are many different types of Romantic but i only chose a few, i promise nothing of accuracy whatsoever. This is for pure enjoyment

What type of Romantic are you? I know you want to know so try it out and see. Is it the right type of Romantic i do not know for this is not completely accurate, But what if it is?, Try it out and find out

Created by: amazon

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What would be the right date for you among these:
  2. What's better:
  3. What kind of food do/would you and your partner eat
  4. Personal Question: Does your partner have to be really hot and or has money to woo/impress you
  5. Personal Question #2: Do you want/have a partner you knew from your hometown or from your past
  6. Personal question #3: Best friend partner or not?
  7. Personal Question #4: Long Distance/Online relationship or not
  8. Personal Question #5: Love each other the next then cant stand each then love each other, Want that?
  9. Personal Question #6: Love each other truly and would do anything for each other, Want that?
  10. Pick a word:

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Quiz topic: What Type Of Romantic am I