How romantic are you?

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There are many romantic people out there. Have you ever wondered just how romantic you are? Do you really want to know how romantic you can be? Take my quiz and find out!

Are YOU romantic? Do you know just what to say at the right time and how to romance someone? Do you have hat it takes to make that special someone feel loved?

Created by: kaygirl322 of Explore Talent
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  1. Choose one:
  2. Which of these would u get your honey for his or her birthday?
  3. choose a color:
  4. Pick a symbol:
  5. Which do u prefer when alone with ur lover?
  6. Choose a beverage:
  7. How u kiss ur them:
  8. Choose 2 colors that go together:
  9. What kind of card would u get them?
  10. Do your friends think you are romantic?

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Quiz topic: How romantic am I?