Are you romantic?

This quiz is to see if you're:anti-romantic,romantic and inlove with love So take it! Well just in case you dont know what romance is it is love,And being as full of love as possible,etc..

Are you romantic?You dont know?..Well dont just sit there and think if you are ,take the quiz and find out!And it will only be 12 questions long. Its that easy!

Created by: Nadia Nassiep

  1. What do you do in your spare time?
  2. What do you want to do when your older?
  3. Do you love Valentines day?
  4. Have you got a crush?
  5. What makes you happy?
  6. Where is your happy place
  7. What makes you upset?
  8. If your friend had a super crush on someone you would..
  9. If someone texted you and you dont really like that person you would..
  10. Do you like dating

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Quiz topic: Am I romantic?