How well do you know your animal facts

There is many animals on our planet and many people are true animal lovers. Animal lovers will truly love animals for their differences and if they dont , why are they even pretending!

Are you a true animal lover? Or are you pretending or not even trying. These facts will test your animal knowledge and see how much you love your animals. Gooooood luck!

Created by: amazon

  1. What is common to be kept as a house pet(easy)
  2. Why do animals hibernate?
  3. Where do penguins live?
  4. What game was made by National Geographic based on animals?(I rlly dont know what Questionsto put now)
  5. How many types of lion are there?
  6. Which of these animals is endangered?
  7. What is the average speed that a wolf can run?
  8. Which of these animals describes the animal "Narwhal"
  9. What animal has a long nose and is similar to an armadillo? (im terrible at describing)
  10. Where do squirells live

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my animal facts