How well do you know Animal Jam?

This quiz will test how well you know Animal Jam, the National Geographic game for kids. Hope you enjoy and have fun! I'm sure I'd love to see your results!

Do you think you know everything there is to know about Animal Jam? Well, lets test your knowledge! Do you know everything there is to know about it??

Created by: AJ: penguin235
  1. What was/is the beginning of Animal Jam called?
  2. Why are members no longer given monthly member gifts?
  3. What is the most popular item that pretty much everybody has?
  4. What is the newest party? (5-5-15)
  5. When is Animal Jam's Birthday?
  6. How did you learn how to trade?
  7. Are there diamond codes?
  8. What adventure is known to win spikes?
  9. Why are you even taking this test right now?
  10. It's the last question! :D

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Animal Jam?