The easy animal quiz

Do you think you know the most about animals? Or do you love them and want to test your knowledge? It's very daring to take this many question quiz!!!

The quiz has about 16 questions that get harder as you go on. Good luck, cause I knnoooooowwww you're gonna need some!!! You will probably fail like most people do. Or are you a true Genius???

Created by: Richard Beale

  1. What color skin does a polar bear have?
  2. What kind of ant can roll up into a ball of its own kind and float across water?
  3. How many bones do Giraffes have in their neck?
  4. What animal can grow back its tail if the tail falls off/ is ripped off?
  5. What is the fastest creature alive?
  6. TRUE OR FALSE? The snake's jaws can stretch, allowing it to swallow bigger prey.
  7. What does a camel store in its humps?
  8. Why are most birds so light?
  9. TRUE OR FALSE? Dolphins are always awake.
  10. What family do dolphins truly belong to?
  11. Which part of the animal kingdom is the biggest? (has the most species)
  12. What continent is the Panda found on?
  13. What is another name for... A group of crows
  14. What is another name for... A group of moles
  15. What is another name for... A group of owls
  16. How do monkeys open hard shells?

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