How well do you know Popular MMOs?

Popular MMOs I'd just that. Popular. They are a YouTube channel with many followers. I can't give you many details, because this is a quiz, but I can tell you they are really funny.

Do YOU know them really well? How many episodes have you watched? Are you a real Fanboy? Take this quiz and In a few short minutes you will find out. Post your favorite Poular MMOs quote in the comments when you finished?

Created by: amazon
  1. What are the names of the Popular MMOs?
  2. What are the Minecraft names of Popular MMOS?
  3. In the popular MMOs first horror map, what did Jen say to Pat when the creepy little girl voice sounded?
  4. How many tallcraft droppers did Jen win?
  5. What was the first head Jen chose in 10 insane ways to die?
  6. Is Pat good at Parkour?
  7. What was the very first thing Pat trolled Jen with in the episode Trolling Jen?
  8. In what Lucky Block race did Jen and Pat go through an electronic Maze?
  9. What are Pat and Jen?
  10. In the dimensional door episode, how long did it take Pat and Jen to find the rainbow ants?
  11. Where did Jen move to in episode The Candy Kingdom and the Ninja School?
  12. How hard do you laugh at Pats jokes.
  13. That last one was no effect. Who's funnier?
  14. What does Jen look like doing Parkour?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Popular MMOs?