Do You Have a Connecticut Accent?

My family and I travel a lot, and after many years of meeting people with all kinds of accents, I've always wondered: "Do I have an accent?" I was born in Coonecticut, and I finally found the little things that make a Conncecticut accent.

So, do YOU have a Connecticut accent? You might not think you do, but you still could! In just of few moments you will find out if you are a true Nutmegger! Be honest!

Created by: amazon

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  1. How do you pronounce the word "water?"
  2. How do you greet a group of girls?
  3. What do you say if you will do something?
  4. What is PB&J
  5. How do you sa "ball" and "bawl?"
  6. How do you tell someone to come to you?
  7. Give me a paper...
  8. Get her out of the...
  9. You have a dog, I have a...
  10. Pass me the...

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Quiz topic: Do I Have a Connecticut Accent?