Do you really know Mya Kim?

Haven't you just wonder if you know Mya Kim enough. This test will show you if you know the right amount of this guy name Mya Kim... So... what are you waiting for take this Quiz

You must want to know this guy name Mya Kim... In fact you want to see how much you know this guy... Thanks to this quiz you can see exactly how much you know this guy.

Created by: amazon

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  1. What is my favorite color?
  2. What vegetable do I dislike the most?
  3. What fruit do i dislike the most?
  4. What is my favorite and lucky #?
  5. What is my shoe size?
  6. What am I?
  7. What is my favorite ice cream?
  8. Who do I think is the most B.E.A.Utifulest person is?
  9. What car do I want when I grow up?
  10. If i had a middle name it would be...
  11. Which surgery was I under anesthesia?
  12. What would I like to do the most?
  13. What do I personally care about more?
  14. What is my all time favorit song?
  15. What do I find most attractive in a girl? I Eyes II Boody III Lips IIIV Hair
  16. What is my favorite kid show?
  17. What store do i buy clothes in more?
  18. What asian food do i hate?
  19. What is my true nick-name?
  20. What do I like to do the most?

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Quiz topic: Do I really know Mya Kim?