How obsessed are you with Bitten?

Bitten is a new show on Syfy. It center's around Elena Michaels, the only female to survive a werewolf bite. She's torn between both worlds...........

Are you a fan of Bitten? Do you have knowledge of the show? Take the quiz and find out. Good luck and have fun........................................

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  1. Do you watch Syfy's Bitten?
  2. Favorite Character?
  3. Elena doesn't like her wolf?
  4. Clay was the one that bit Elena when he took her to his house to meet Jeremy?
  5. Jeremy always has Clay and Elena team up.
  6. Favorite father figure?
  7. Do you think Logan will tell Rachel his secret or will he keep it to himself?
  8. You're jealous of Elena when Clay calls her 'darlin'?
  9. Do you think Elena and Philip will break up?
  10. How was this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How obsessed am I with Bitten?