bruno mars quiz

well i dont even know what to say thanks for taking my quiz recommend it to all your friends pleaseee! hope you enjoyed it and please come back again

are you a genius? a true hooligan? come take this all new bruno mars quiz! there is every question you could think of! please find out if you are a true hooligan and enjoy!

Created by: amazon

  1. what is Bruno Mars real name?
  2. what is brunos star sign?
  3. what is bruno mars girlfriends name?
  4. what is bruno mars upcoming album called?
  5. what is bruno mars parents names?
  6. why did he get his nickname bruno?
  7. what age is bruno? (21 november 2012?)
  8. what was his first album called?
  9. where was he born?
  10. what did bruno mars name his dog?

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