Are you a true Hooligan?

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There are some Hooligans and some Bruno fans but us Hooligans are what make Bruno Mars. He is cute, a great smile, his hair is fantastic, and he's funny. Bruno Mars is just the whole package but to be a Hooligan is a great honor.

Let's just test to see if you truly know Bruno Mars and of you are a true Hooligan. Not just knowing his music but him because how could you be a fan without knowing the person?

Created by: glloriiia

  1. When is Bruno's birthday?
  2. What is Bruno's real name?
  3. How did he get the nickname Bruno?
  4. How did he get Mars?
  5. What is the name of his EP?
  6. Where was Bruno born?
  7. Who was the first to buy a Bruno Mars' song?
  8. What car would Bruno be?
  9. What t.v show would Bruno be?
  10. Which song came out first?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Hooligan?