Are You A True Texan?

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One must wonder-are you a true Texan? Texas is unique in every way, from it's shape to it's history to the people that live in it. You might consider yourself a Texan, but are you really?

Are YOU a True Texan? Do you know your noble state inside and out??? You could be deemed okay, or great, or 100% true Texan!!! That would be awesome, but who knows? Let's find out!

Created by: Kat
  1. Are you ready for this quiz?
  2. What is considered the sport of Texas?
  3. The forecast calls for 50 degree temps. You-
  4. The forecast calls for 80 degree temps. What is your reaction?
  5. Who is the current governor (as of 2011)?
  6. True or false-Texas is the biggest state in the U.S.
  7. What battle ended the Texas Revolution in the 1800s?
  8. The weather of Houston is-
  9. Describe your occupation in Texas.
  10. This may seen cheesy, but this is a true test of Texan Patriotism. Do You know the state song?
  11. What is your typical greeting?

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Quiz topic: Am I A True Texan?