How much of a Texan are you?

I am a Texan...will you be Texan enough? Texans are tough, know their stuff, and know their state history and motives. I encourage you to take it. By: Anonymous 2.0 the Amazing

Are you Texan enough to excel in the hardships of life? Are you Texan enough to overcome those trials? Try this quiz and see!!! By: Anonymous 2.0 the Amazing

Created by: Anonymous 2.0 the Amazing
  1. How loud are you?
  2. Do you live in Texas?
  3. Do you own a Texas flag, image, or an Alamo trinket?
  4. Have you ever been inside Texas' state lines?
  5. Do you own: A cowboy hat Cowboy boots
  6. Do you OWN a: Horse Two brothers A sister A ranch A lot of cows Or all of the above
  7. Do you value liberty, justice, and all of your constitutional rights?
  8. Do you like Barak Obama
  9. How much do you want to score 100% Texan?
  10. What is Texas' state bird?
  11. Deep in the heart of....
  12. What up....(what's another phrase for it )
  13. How much do you love Texas
  14. Is it easier to cool down or warm up?
  15. Do you like heat or cold
  16. How awesome is Texas' flag
  17. Do you like horses
  18. What do you do on the Fourth of July

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Quiz topic: How much of a Texan am I?