What type of horse rider are you?

Are you a dressage rider? A show jumper? Perhaps you are a cross country rider? Or do you just love everything about horses? Take this quiz to find out!

Think carefully about your answer before moving on to the next, otherwise your final answer might not be correct! In a few minutes wait and see! you will soon find out what type of rider you were meant to be!

Created by: amazon
  1. Where would you rather be....?
  2. When riding what clothes do you wear?
  3. How high can you jump?
  4. What breed of horse do you prefer?
  5. Can you get your horse to bend it's neck left and right?
  6. Out of in the arena, in the woods, at a competition or in the meadow, where would you rather ride?
  7. How often do you ride?
  8. Pick any letter...?
  9. What colour rosettes have you won?
  10. You were asked to ride a horse. You said yes before you had seen the horse. The horse was fat and ugly. you...

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Quiz topic: What type of horse rider am I?