What type of horse rider are you

This quiz will tell if you are born horse lover or you prefer this from an other I have tried to put in lots of questions and hopefully you will like it

Are you a true horse lover or another type of rider well then take this quiz to find out. You will find your inner skill and pls if I have questions you cant answer don't answer

Created by: Horse lover
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  1. You get the option to buy a horse what type of horse would it be
  2. You get the chance to apply for your dream riding school but its on the other side of the country and you can only pick one evnt
  3. You get into the school but can only take one of your favourite horse which one is it
  4. You arrive at the school and get paired up with your your roommate jiz when he is chewing so loudly that chip is coming out what do you do
  5. You get given a school horse called belle who is fat what do u do
  6. You go out to horse land when you get there there's a big sale your mum says you can only get one thing what will you get
  7. Your boyfriend or girlfriend are going on a date with you but that night your horse gets sick what will.you day
  8. What colour horse would u have Has no effect
  9. Should I make another quiz
  10. Pony or horse

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Quiz topic: What type of horse rider am I