Do you like fat girls.

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There are millions of girls out there but only one can possibly be right for yourself (I'm talking to you reader).There is tall girls, short girls, fat girls, skinny girls but like I said only one is for you.

What do you consider to be "your type" do you often find yourself leaning towards skinny tall girls ,or maybe short fat girls who knows well this test will help with the Who knows problem and will help you understand.

Created by: 🐋=Greatness

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  1. A skinny girl asks you on a date, because you know her you don't want to hurt her feelings and say yes.On the date she said she wanted to gain weight.Your response:
  2. A week after the date you two are still together and yous are at a shopping centre.she sits down after a while and the jeans she wore from the first date have there button fly of what do you do.
  3. It's been a month on since your first date and you are still with this girl . Her name is Lilly and she is younger than you by a year. She is now 5,0 high and has a pudgy soft belly.She now says that she wants to go to the new buffet that has opened.she bets that she can eat everything they have and you lose $10 on the bet because you Betted against her.She is really packing it on now.your reaction.
  4. Lilly is starting to really get round now.Her belly hangs over her belt ,her bust in expanding and her thighs rub against each other as she walks.Do you:
  5. It's been 3 years since you met Lilly and now she is properly fat.Her huge butt ,breasts and belly are massive .she is now5,3 now and isn't stopping gaining soon.She's dropping hints left right and centre for you to pop the question and ask for her to be your bride what do you do.
  6. Let's say that you marry Lilly. She is now the fattest woman in the entire neighbourhood and is a great wife she is at the mall when a man who's had one too many pints pinches her butt. What do you do.
  7. Lilly is now on the verge of immobile and is so happy that she buys almost the entire super markets well the entire super markets supply of any thing edible.She has bought so much infact that yous have very little money for the rest of the week.
  8. Lilly is now immobile and she is the happiest she has ever been Her green eyes and black her which use to be her most prominent feature are now invisible compared to her rack and tummy.she asks you for a certain favour involving what's under your clothes if you get my drift.what do you respond with.
  9. Lilly is now the fattest woman in almost the whole world and if not the whole world.lets say you agreed to that"favour " and you and her now think it is time to go somewhere that has more room and where she can lay naked and stuff herself after ariving at the property and have moved her by crane to it yous move in .what is the first thing yous do when yous get ther.
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Quiz topic: Do I like fat girls.