How well do you know Ariana Grande?

Ariana Grande is awesome, if you agree we're already best friends! If you're an Arianator, dude we're bffs! Just like every other Arianator out there you agree that she's the queen, perfect at everything, right? Well I don't blame you she is the queen and perfect at everything!

So are YOU a true arianator? Do you know everything Ariana Grande? Then put yourself to the test!After this you'll know if you're a true Arianator! Take the test! Take the test! Take the test! :D

Created by: amazon of Ariana Grande
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  1. Firstly, where was she raised?
  2. What is her favorite fruit?
  3. How many dogs does she own?
  4. What was the organization called that she co-found?
  5. What is her favorite board game?
  6. What is her favorite sport?
  7. What is Ariana's favorite word?
  8. Which of these productions was she NOT apart of?
  9. What did Ariana describe her first kiss as?
  10. What is Ariana's height?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Ariana Grande?