How well do you know the simpsons?

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The simpsons are a great show and great family that have been around for along time,this quiz sees if you know a lot about them and if you are a true fan!

Are you a true simpsons fan or have you only watched one episode?If you are unsure take this quiz to find out and if you got some wrong you can see the answers at the and keep watching to enjoy yourself!

Created by: amazon

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  1. What is grandpa's first name?
  2. Why is Bart called Bart?
  3. Which of these have the simpsons not been to?
  4. What age is Lisa?
  5. What age is Bart?
  6. What is homers middle name?
  7. What is the androids dungeon?
  8. Who is a famous actor?
  9. Which pair have a twin?
  10. What is bart's 'alter ego'?
  11. What is maggie's future job?
  12. Who dated sideshow bob?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the simpsons?