What is YOUR Inner Element?

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Everyone wonders about the elements. They are not real yet quite real at the same time! They are a spiritual power, but even thought you cannot see them, they are still there!

Hello. I'm Captain Calliope. Just call me Calli. I'm here to bring you a reliable quiz for the viewers' enjoyment ^~^ The elements are amazing things, so my first quiz is about them! So try it! I don't bite :3 At the end, I will reveal MY element So, are you ready for Calli?!

Created by: amazon
  1. Well, thanks for taking this quiz! So, what animal suits you?
  2. Trait?
  3. Now, a weakness?
  4. (Everyone hates this question but still) *sigh* favorite color?
  5. Activities you enjoy?
  6. Which gem suits you? Or do you like the best?
  7. Okay, if you are a brony or not, idk, but what type of pony are you most like
  8. Pick a DV dragon
  9. Pick an emblem
  10. Dream Home?
  11. What would I see you painting?
  12. Last question-How do others think of you?

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Quiz topic: What is my Inner Element?