Are you stupid!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you liked it you may really like my other ones but I hope you ain't mad at me if you got a really low grade that just means your stupid but oh we'll can't win them all.

2. You deserve a promotion. 3. Good effort! 4. What a fine sweater! 5. I appreciate all of your opinions. 6. I like your style. 7. Your T-shirt smells fresh. 8. I love what you've done with the place. 9. You are like a spring flower; beautiful and vivacious. 10. I am utterly disarmed by your wit. 11. I really enjoy the way you pronounce the word 'ruby'. 12. You complete me. 13. Well done! 14. I like your Facebook status. 15. That looks nice on you. 16. I like those shoes more than mine. 17. Nice motor control! 18. You have a good taste in websites. 19. Your mouse told me that you have very s

Created by: amazon

  1. Is Pluto a planet
  2. Are blondes stupid
  3. Does this look like a penguin
  4. If your friend asked " help me hide this body" you
  5. 15x2=
  6. A man starts to have a seizure you
  7. "Behold the metatron" is from what movie
  8. If you accidentally kill someone you
  9. Did you like the quizz
  10. How many states are in the USA
  11. "Its a 3 pipe problem" is from what book

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Quiz topic: Am I stupid!!!!!!!!!!