Can you be my king?(guys only)

I'm the queen I'm lonely and I need my king but I can't find anyone!i hope you'll survive!and be my king!you should be brave and smart.believe me it is very useful!

I promise that brain and body have a very close connection!so use them both it'll help you a lot!so what are you waiting for take my quiz right now and see can you be my king?

Created by: amazon

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  1. I'm queen Scarlett of the flower lands,nice to see you.please introduce yourself:
  2. Nice to see you my king you are still in the way to my castle you see a dragon what do you do?
  3. We'll,you passed the dragon you see a big fat troll in front of you on the other side of the bridge!he says solve my questions then I'll let you pass the bridge!You:
  4. You pass the bridge there is a lake in front of you how can you pass it?
  5. You pass the lake you see a hut what do you do?
  6. So you pass the hut there is an X on the ground it maybe a treasure what will you do?
  7. A very attractive woman visits you and says welcome stay here in my house and rest!you:
  8. You are on your way it's very warm you enter the desert what do you do?
  9. You survive!you pass the desert!you see a board and it says welcome to flower lands!you feel:
  10. There is a home about 5 feet away from you!you:
  11. You reach the castle very good!you enter,the queen sees you what do you do?
  12. The quiz has ended so please rate and comment thank you my king for taking this quiz!

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Quiz topic: Can I be my king?(guys only)