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You’re in your fifth year at Hogwarts. The big thing about it-your O.W.Ls. You must do very well because it all adds up to your N.E.W.T levels which determines your job and the rest of your life as a wizard or witch.

Have you wondered if you were at Hogwarts, how you would do? This is an O.W.Ls quiz- it contains official question and accurate answers. Take it to see how you would do and naturally, how much of a Harry Potter whiz you are!

Created by: Violet23

  1. History of Magic: Which of these goblins took part in the goblin riot in the 18th century?
  2. Divination: What animal is the Grim
  3. Astronomy: Which one of these is NOT a moon of Jupiter?
  4. Charms: Which is the Levitating spell?
  5. Herbology: What are the other two names of the plant Aconite?
  6. Potions: What is a cure for poison?
  7. Care of Magical Creatures: What colour is a Unicorn’s blood?
  8. Ancient Runes: Translate the word ehwaz
  9. Transfiguration: What is the definition of a switching spell?
  10. Defence against the Dark Arts: What does expelliarmus do?

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