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So, this is my first quiz, and it's basically a quiz to see just how much you know about Harry Potter, and wether you are a witch/wizard or not. I am totally sorry if you don't like your results.

You have received a letter telling you Tate you might have a spot reserved for you in Hogwarts. But first you must take a test. This is it. Take the quiz to see if you are a witch/wizard.

Created by: Pippy
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  1. What is Harry potter's birthday?
  2. Which book does Charlie Weasley come in?
  3. What is Ginny Weasley's real name?
  4. Which of the Weasley twins loses an ear?
  5. What is Hermione's cat called?
  6. Who supposedly died when Sirius Black was sent to prison?
  7. What is the incantation for the patronus charm?
  8. What is the main ingredient in a polyjuice potion?
  9. What is the golden trio?
  10. Which of the Weasleys works at Gringottes bank?
  11. True or False: madam pomfrey's real name is poppy.
  12. In which book did Harry meet Dobby?
  13. What is Sirius Black's brother called?
  14. What type of animal is Buckbeak/Witherwings?
  15. Ok guys, that was my first quiz. I will try to do more if you want me to, and I will be doing a lot of stuff based on Harry Potter, but it all depends on wether you liked it or not. So please comment!

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