Are you a Muggle or Wizard?

I got really bored,and I like the Harry Potter books and movies,so I wanted to make a quiz revolving arounder the awesome Wizarding world of Harry Potter.

This quiz is all about Muggle and Wizards.If you want to find out wether or not you are a Wizard or Muggle,then take this quiz.Are you Muggle?Or Wizard? Or perhaps a bit of both? Take the quiz..........

Created by: DragonGirlAlyssa
  1. Do you believe in magic?
  2. Do weird things often happen to you when you're feeling mad or upset?
  3. Do you hear a serpent like voice in the presence of snakes?
  4. Do unexplained things happen to you?
  5. Part 1:If you went to Hogwarts,what would you want to learn most(if yours isn't on here,leave it blank and do it on the next one)?
  6. Part 2:Only chose if you didn't chose before (only allowed 6 choices).
  7. I'm blank on ideas so these don't have any effect,if there is even questions.
  8. No effect....
  9. On a scale of 1 to 10,how would you rate this?
  10. Are you going to rate and comment?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Muggle or Wizard?