The Hardest Harry Potter Quiz on the Internet

People claim to be "Potterheads" all the time, but are they really? Do you think you're up to the task? A true Potterhead doesn't just watch the movies, but reads the books and invests their time to learn about the wizarding world, as well as its beloved characters.

This quiz is derived solely from the Harry Potter BOOKS. I went through each book and handwrote each question because I was tired of simple, easy quizzes and getting all the questions right. I wanted to make the hardest Harry Potter quiz on the internet, so here it is!

Created by: Krista Shae

  1. How many staircases are there in Hogwarts? (SS)
  2. How many bottles of potion do Harry and Hermione have to choose from on their way to reach the Sorcerer's Stone? (SS)
  3. What were the Smeltings' school colors? (SS)
  4. How much did Harry have to pay the owl that delivered the Daily Prophet at the shack on the sea? (SS)
  5. What sweet did Harry trade Ron for a corned beef sandwich on the Hogwarts Express? (SS)
  6. How many ways are there to create a foul in Quidditch? (SS)
  7. Which one of these things was NOT done to Neville Longbottom by his family to try and force magic out of him? (SS)
  8. Who is the other wizard that works in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts office with Mr. Weasley? (CoS)
  9. Which one of these was NOT one of Gilderoy Lockhart's books required by second years? (Cos)
  10. How long do the lacewings have to be stewed when brewing the Polyjuice Potion? (CoS)
  11. Which muggleborn did the Dueling Club think Harry had set a snake on? (CoS)
  12. What color is the basilisk? (CoS)
  13. What detention does Ron have to complete while Harry helps answer Lockhart's fanmail? (CoS)
  14. What are Harry, Ron, and Hermione supposed to be doing on their first day of Transfiguration in their second year? (CoS)
  15. How many times was Wendelin the Weird burned? (PoA)
  16. Who shows Harry, Ron, and Hermione how to get to their Divination class? (PoA)
  17. What does the boggart turn into for Dean Thomas? (PoA)
  18. Where was Sirius held awaiting the dementor's kiss? (PoA)
  19. What is the name of the executioner who is to execute Buckbeak? (PoA)
  20. Whose rabbit is killed by a fox? (PoA)
  21. What color were Parvati Patil's dress robes? (GoF)
  22. Which one of these was NOT a Twiwizard Tournament Champion's wand? (GoF)
  23. Who was the Hogwarts caretaker before Argus Filch? (GoF)
  24. What was the first obstacle Harry faced in the Twiwizard Tournament maze? (GoF)
  25. What is bubortuber pus good for? (GoF)
  26. What dragon did Cedric Diggory have to face in the first task? (GoF)
  27. Who was the giant leader when Hagrid and Madame Maxime arrived to the giant colony in the mountains? (OoP)
  28. Which of these was NOT a gift that Hagrid and Madame Maxime presented to the giants? (OoP)
  29. Who all wrote to Harry after he and Dudley were attacked by dementors? (OoP)
  30. What color are the robes of the Wizengamot? (OoP)
  31. Where do bowtruckles live? (OoP)
  32. Who escorts Harry and the Weasleys to St. Mungo's after Arthur Weasley is attacked? (OoP)
  33. What injury did Neville Longbottom attain in the Department of Mysteries? (OoP)
  34. Where do the Weasley twins import Instant Darkness Powder from? (HBP)
  35. What invention is being advertised outside the Weasley Twins' joke shop when Harry visits? (HBP)
  36. What kind of necklace cursed Katie Bell? (HBP)
  37. What happened to Susan Bones during their first apparition class? (HBP)
  38. How did Ron break up with Lavender? (HBP)
  39. What animal was found hung from the rafters in Tom Riddle's orphanage? (HBP)
  40. Of these objects, which was not used to notify Draco when he was in the Room of Requirement? (HBP)
  41. What portkey were Arthur and Fred supposed to take to the Burrow? (DH)
  42. How did Regulus Black die?
  43. Whose Potterwatch name is 'Rapier'? (DH)
  44. According to Xenophilius Lovegood, what does the derigible plum do? (DH)
  45. Who was Percy Weasley fighting when Fred was killed? (DH)
  46. Who got beat up for shouting in the Great Hall about Harry breaking into Gringotts? (DH)

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