Are you a true HP fan?

My quiz is different.If you have never seen HP DONT TAKE THIS QUIZ.This my brothers and sisters,is the hardest quiz GOTOQUIZ will ever have,ever. Go Deano the Dino.(if you know Harry Potter you'll get my drift):)

Do you think you know more than me about HP...Your WRONG. Lying? See for yourself the magical world of harry potter. My score was 100.You may need books.

Created by: Bethany

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  1. On which page in book 1 did Harry say"Would it be all right if you gave me a lift?"
  2. What house was Hannah Abbott assigned to?
  3. Which house is Hairy Poter in?
  4. How did Malfoy smile on page 148 of book 1?
  5. Who were the notes from on pg. 14 of book 3?
  6. How many pages are in the 3rd book?
  7. What does it say on the top of the 5th book?
  8. What book am I thinking of?
  9. What is the phrase Dumbledore says on pg 277?
  10. Who is not a true Weasley
  11. Finish the sentence...Here we see how far the game has progressed in a...(for help look on page 9)
  12. Finish the sentence..."What is blank" Ron demanded(Pg 141 Blank is...
  13. Who was the 5th person to check out the quidditch book?
  14. What is the ISBN # 13 on the back of book 7?(If you pick I Dont Know, You don't,not get it wrong)
  15. Which is not, not not not not the word on page 3 in the book?(5)
  16. Who has hiccups on page 538 of one of my books?
  17. What is not on the cover of the fourth book?
  18. How many words are in the fifth book?
  19. Who did Hary marry?
  20. What did he name his kids?
  21. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true HP fan?