True Friend? Let's See!!!

There are many people who think they know me but have noooo idea. Only my true friends know me from inside and out. A friend is a person who is always there for you. A friend is someone you can always count on in the time of need.

Do you consider yourself a "True Friend". Do you have what it takes to where the title of "True Friendship". Until today I bet you thought you were one of my closes friends. But thanks to this quiz I will see where we really stand.

Created by: Hannah
  1. What is my Favorite Color?
  2. What was the wonderful day that I miraculously graced this earth?
  3. What is my favorite phrase?
  4. What are the two main colors in my room?
  5. What is my middle name?
  6. What kind of car do I drive?
  7. What is my bra size?
  8. What is my biggest interest?
  9. If you were to describe me in one word what would it be?
  10. What is my favorite subject?

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