Can you Play Chess?

Don't just try to finish this. FINISH THIS. SHOULD BE EZPZ FOR CHESS PLAYERS. Anyway don't lose just get 100% should be easy enough, unless you have no idea about chess :)

can you get 100% in this quiz? if so then congratz you can play chess? even if you get 99% i'm sorry but.... you're just bad at life as well as chess.

Created by: amazon of Bomb
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  1. how do the rooks move?
  2. How does a bishop move
  3. How does the knight move
  4. How does the knight move
  5. How many squares are there in a chessboard
  6. How do you castle?
  7. How do you stop someone from Castling
  8. How do you checkmate an opponents king.
  9. How do you get into a stalemate?
  10. How do pawns take material
  11. Do you think you know enough about chess?
  12. if not then you shouldn't of done this quiz loser.

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Quiz topic: Can I Play Chess?