How We All Came To Be chapter 5

After James and Kendall get married, they decide to have kids. Well, adopt kids but, will the two kids that they adopt be too much to handle? Kames slash and Cargen Bromance. :)

A/N I think I enjoy writing this a little to much. :3 Well enjoy all you Rushers. :) Oh yeah, this is still in Kendall's POV where it left off. :)

Created by: amazon

  1. I layed in James's arms and smiled. Every move that he made was, oh so perfect.I look up at James and smiled even wider. He poked my nose and I giggled. "Hey, Jamie." I said. He looked down at me with a smile. "Why are you so sexy?" James blushed. "I just don't know Kendy." he said. His hands started to mess with my hair. "You have really cute sex hair." he giggled a little. "Aww.. Thanks." I put my head against his chest. "I love you." I muttered.
  2. "I love you to, dear."I felt his lips press against my neck. His tongue ran across my skin. He chuckled a little when I shivered. I searched for his hand and grabbed it when I found it. I laced our fingers together. Suddenly, I heard a scream and crying. "I'll get it, don't worry." James got up, put some pants on and was gone. I sat for a couple of seconds. I shivered, as I realized that I was cold. After a minute of snuggling close to the covers, I decided to check on James. When I was infront of the door, it swung open, and it hit me in the face. "Ow!" I shouted and held onto my face. "Baby, c'mere." James held me close. "I'm sorry." he frowned and looked down.
  3. "Its fine" I said quickly and smiled. "No it's not, you know it isn't.." James said, his voice quivering. I looked up at him. "Jamie..." I wiped a tear. "Don't cry. You only hit me in the face with a door, not a car, baby.." I kissed his lips. There was a knock at the door. "I'll get it." He said, wiping his face. "I wanna get it!" I said. "NO! You got the door last time!" James complained. "I wanna get it NOW!" I ran out the door and started for the front one. "Kendall! Come back here and let me get the door!" Suddenly there were strong arms pulling me back. And there went James running down the stairs. I then slid down the railing to the other side. I lunged for the door and felt a hand under mine. I smiled and helped him twist the doorknob. "Hi Lucy!" we both said.
  4. "Hey..." she smiled. "Why is it that you guys are always really close?" James looked down at me as I looked up at him. We smiled. "I guess it's because we love each other that much." James smiled his killer smile that makes me melt every time I see it. I blushed as I felt myself start to slip. "Aww.. He's getting all melty again." James laughed. "Lemme help." James spun me around a little and got me so that my legs were around him. "Ok..?" She paused. "James... I have to talk to you alone." Lucy said.
  5. James looked at me. I nodded. "I'll just talk to... Oh right.. he isn't named.." I said. "I thought of a name but, it's bad.." He looked down at the ground shyly. "Well tell me. Maybe it's not that bad.." "Carl." "Oh." It was a pretty sucky name. "Sss!" Lucy said. "Wait James say the name, Kendall says his part. And I'll say mine." "Carl?" "His part?" "No! I mean you say oh! Not his part!" Lucy said. She's starting to confuse me greatly. "James you say you're part again." "Carl?" "Oh..?" "Sss!" "Oh!" James and I said at the same time. We fist bumped. "Carlos..."
  6. "It's a good name." I smiled. "Yeah.. way better than Godofredo." James said. "You were gonna name your kid Godofredo?" Lucy said Skeptically. I blushed a little. "Yeah, wasn't our best idea..." James said. "Yeah, it really wasn't." I looked down. "So yeah.. I still need to talk to James about something." Lucy sighed. "Oh sure.." I said and turned around. I felt arms wrap around my waist. Lips were pressed against my neck. "Well, don't leave like that." James muttered. "You looked pretty sad." he kissed my neck again. "What's the matter?" Lucy sighed impatiently. "Fine, ignore me, see if I care." she said. "I'll just sit outside.." "Hey, don't get all depressed on me, like that." James said sternly. He turned to me again. "But anyway.. what's wrong?"
  7. To tell the truth, there was something wrong. And it isn't a just now thing. It's been happening for a while. One of James's friends come over, they wanna talk for a little bit, and I leave them alone, and then James is all quiet for a little bit and he either can't breathe right or he's pretty sweaty. So I wonder what he's doing. "Kendall!" I looked up to James's beautiful hazel eyes. They were filled with worry, instead of the usual happiness. "What?" I said as I snapped back into reality. "Baby.. Are you sure you're ok?" James asked, his face getting more worried, by the second. "I'm fine.." I said. Everything started to become cold, and I shivered. "C'mere.." James gently turned me arouund and held me close. "I don't think you're fine.." he stroked my cheek softly. "Go to our room. When I'm done with Lucy, I'll get with you. Ok?" I looked away and didn't answer. "Baby, don't be stubborn with me." I looked up at him and locked eyes with him. "Ok..." I muttered. "Good boy.." he kissed my lips quickly. "I'll be back.." he reluctantly let go of my hand and walked away. I also turned around and went upstairs to our room. I layed on the bed and thought. Was he really cheating? Or am I just being insecure? I wrapped myself in the soft white blankets and closed my eyes, falling into beautiful slumber.
  8. Is James really cheating? Stay tuned to find out. *dramtic music*
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