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You may think you know so much about adopt me. Adopt me well but you don’t know until you take this awesome quiz how much you really know about adopt me

This quiz asks a range of questions including updates potions houses and much more we hope you enjoy this quiz and remember to give it a big smiley face and the end t9 show your appreciation to me for making this quiz.

Created by: Seal-guineapigXD
  1. What shop sells penguins?
  2. Who created Adopt me?
  3. Which of these were not in the 2019 Christmas update?
  4. What egg does not exist exist or has not ever existed?
  5. What was the reward on Christmas Day on the advent calendar?
  6. What potions can’t you get for your pets?
  7. How many coins do you get for eating?
  8. Which is not a vehicle?
  9. How many types of gifts at the gift stand?
  10. Can your pets sit in a car?
  11. What was the April fools free pet?
  12. We’re is the neon room?
  13. How many pets do you need to make a neon?
  14. What has not been an adopt me update?
  15. What is an adopt me house?

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