Adopt me quiz! Only the best adopt me players will pass 2021

This quiz is about adopt me (Roblox) to test to see if you know a lot about adopt me and even if you don't just try you best :) If there are any errors or problems email me. Thank you enjoy!

Btw sorry if I screw up lol anyways, This quiz is in the mix of hard and easy try this with your friends and try and beat each others score! Have fun 👏

Created by: Brynlee
  1. Which of the following is a legendary pet.
  2. What's the name of the nurse in the hospital
  3. When was adopt me created?
  4. What is the most expensive house? (not the robux houses)
  5. What is the cheapest food in adopt me?
  6. Good job your half way there only 5 more to go! Anyways which of these are a fair trade. (sorry if that's confusing)
  7. I know this doesn't really deal with adopt me but...Which of the following adopt me youtubers have the most subscribers?
  8. 3 more to go make sure you aren't cheating! When was the Arctic Reindeer released into the game?😁
  9. When does adopt me usually do there holiday updates?
  10. Last question! What's the newest update in adopt me? (The date is October 7th 2021.)

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