Adopt me quiz (roblox)

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This is a quiz to test your knowledge of adopt me! We’ve put together some tough questions to test your understanding of the game. If you think you really know adopt me, take this quiz to find out.

Use your knowledge of the game to answer the questions! Each question will ask about a different part of the game. Choose the best answer for each question.

Created by: Srb

  1. Was the ocean egg or the mythic egg added first?
  2. Blue dogs are legendary
  3. Which legendary has a house made for it
  4. What is after mega neon
  5. Adopt me has ——— police
  6. What is not a house
  7. How much are the checks from your job
  8. You have 50 slots in your bag
  9. Which one is a pet
  10. Trees do what in adopt me

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