Should you adopt an AmStaff or a Pit Bull?

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Hello friends!Guess who it is.Yep,it’s CelestiaRULES!!!!I made this quiz called Should you Adopt an AmStaff or a Pit Bull?These dog’s are one of the most aggressive dogs.They are often misunderstood!But I think they are cute.I have an AmStaff at home!!!

I love Amstaffs I love PitBulls!Did you see the quiz image?Its sooo cute right?That is an AmStaff doggy and that is my dog!I can not stop looking at it..It is sooo cute I think people will just click on this quiz because of the image!!!

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  1. Out of these colours,which one do you like your dog to be?
  2. Choose a lifespan for your dog.
  3. How HEAVY do you want your dog to be?
  4. Pit Bull
  5. AmStaff
  6. How high do you want your dog to be?
  7. Do you like pitbullshire Terrier (BRUH ITS A RANDOM QUESTION IT MEANS AMSTAFF PITTIE MIX)
  8. Idk what question should I do ummm...HOW AGGRESSIVE DO YOU WANT YOUR DOG TO BE???
  9. Your dog’s personality
  10. Just pick idk the right question.
  11. Will You CoMment?!
  12. Will You Rate

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Quiz topic: Should I adopt an AmStaff or a Pit Bull?