How well do you know Syless?

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'I could feel his hands on my neck and arms. I could feel his weight on top of me.' -- Hannah, chapter 5. 'I awoke to dim light streaming past the blue curtains. Pain came slowly to my recognition.' -- Hannah, chapter six.

Do you know the book "Syless" well enough to pass this quiz? How well do you know the characters? Prove to yourself and to me that you're a "Syless" expert.

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  1. Why is the book called "Syless"?
  2. Where do the main characters live?
  3. What song does Hannah dance to in chapter six?
  4. What is Hannah's favorite pop/soda?
  5. What is Hannah's favorite color?
  6. What is Syless's first name?
  7. What is Hannah's boyfriend's name?
  8. What is Hannah's favorite pizza topping?
  9. Who did Hannah lose in a car crash?
  10. Does Hannah have any brothers or sisters?
  11. Who is Syless to Hannah?
  12. Syless drives a...
  13. What color is Syless's car?
  14. What color is Syless's eyes?
  15. What was Hannah's first reaction to the death in her family?
  16. Hannah has a gift to be able to tell if...

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Syless?