American Revolution Quiz

This the Story about how America Killed all the Tea Drinking-Snobby-Rich people know as the British. Chapter One, we Win. chapter two, we fail Horribly. Chapter three, we kill everyone. Chapter four we kill all the Japanese people...

Chapter five, we commit various war crimes against the Vietnamese. Chapter six we fight a war that no one will remember. Chapter seven, we invad Iraq and Lose millions of Soldiers in the process. Chapter eight, we go to Afganistan Win, leave, come back, then die a horrible death...

Created by: Cakeboss

  1. What Was The Main Cause Of The American Revolution?
  2. Where Did The First Continental Congress Meet?
  3. Which Side Won The Battles Of Lexington And Concord?
  4. Why did the American Colonists lose the battle of Bunker Hill?
  5. What Did The Second Continental Congress do in Response to Lexington and Concord, And Bunker Hill?
  6. What was the name of the Document That Declared War On Britian?
  7. Who led the Colonists against the British at the battle of Long Island?
  8. Who Won the Battle Of Long Island?
  9. Who Was Nathan Hale?
  10. What were Nathan Hales last Words?
  11. Why Did Washington and the Americans Fight the British at The Brandywine River?
  12. What did the Americans do after their Defeat at the Brandywine?
  13. Where Did The Americans go After the Defeat at Germantown?
  14. Who was John Paul Jones?
  15. What did John Paul Jones do?
  16. Who was Daniel Boone?
  17. What did Daniel Boone do to the British?
  18. Who Won the Battle Of Saratoga?
  19. Why did The British Armies Move South?
  20. Who led the Americans during the battle of The Cowpens?
  21. Where Did The British Retreat to after the Battle Of Cowpens?
  22. Which General Won the Battle Of Yorktown, ending the British Occupation Of America?
  23. What was the name of the Treaty that Officially Ending the American Revolution?
  24. Who Became the First President Of America After the Revolution?

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