The Love Novel (part 2)

Hello guys! Here is the second chapter to my story, and MUCH better than the first chapter. Please enjoy, and the description of the story is below this paragraph!

Lucy is waiting to be put in a seating plan for French, when her three friends started their plan to get Lucy and Mark together- but how does it start off like when popular meets unpopular?

Created by: OmegaWolf

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  1. Lucy clambered up the stairs, to enter the French lesson. Many groups of people shoved and pushed passed her. Fixing her school tie and tucking her shirt in, Lucy entered the room with almost 30 students where waiting to be seated in to a plan. Jessie, Charlotte and Rachel were waiting in the corner, with smug faces. The girl moved towards her friends. "What's happening here? Why are we all standing in this long line?" Lucy asked. "Seating plan... AGAIN" moaned Kelly, a popular girl that was standing near Rachel. She was dabbing foundation underneath her eyes.
  2. "Oh..." Mumbled Lucy, rolling her eyes. Mark and his best friend Jai burst through the double doors, laughing, then turning to the front of the class, seeing everyone in a long line. They where panting, out of breath, sweat dripping down their foreheads. Lucy staired, and Charlotte looked at her, and nudged Lucys arm, causing the day-dreaming girl to pay attention
  3. "Okay students!" Miss Olli spooke. "As you all know, i have now re-arranged a seating plan for you all." The class groaned, not sounding so suprised. Miss Olli searched through a heap of paper, rooting for the seating plan paper. The students still stood in a single-file line, waiting impatiently for her to sort out her desk.
  4. Finally, the teacher grabbed a sheet, and began to tell all the teenagers their new seats for the remainder of the year. "Okay. On the front row, i would like Brendan and Allison to sit next to eachother" They both paused. "HIM?" groaned Allison. "Yes! Answer back again, and you will be in detention? Understood?" Allison sprinted over the front row seat, next to Brendan. "Annoy me" Allison whispered "and i will... ANNOY YOU BACK". "First row to the left, i would like Rachel and Courtney to sit next to eachother". The two girls, unpopular and popular remained seated. "Hey Rachel, miss unpopular. I will enjoy bullying you this year!" Courntey threatened. "MISS OLLI!" shouted Rachel. "COURTNEY IS BEING A COW AS ALWAYS!" Miss Olli immediently turned around, looking shocked at Rachels new vocabulary
  5. "Moo!" Rudely answered Courtney, not fearing of the teacher. "Go Stand outside, both of you! Class, stay put until i come back!" The two teenage girls followed the teacher out of the room.
  6. "Right, remember the plan" Said Charlotte. Jessie nodded, catching sight of Lucy, and then looking at the abandoned seating plan sheet. "Okay..." she said. "Three... Two... One... ARG!" screamed Charlotte, pretending to be in pain! "I THINK I BROKE MY FOOT!" She craddled herself on the floor. At this moment, Charlotte was performing a fake injury, as if she was like she was a perfessional actress. While to whole class surrounded the girl, Jessie crawled over to the sheet of paper, containing the plan. She grabbed a sharp pencil, and a rubber and erased Lucy's name, and Mark's name...
  7. She replaced Lucy's "supposed to be" partner next to Mark's partner. Jessie slyly wrote Marks name next to Lucy's very neatly, trying to mimic the teachers handwritting, and carefully replaced the paper back exactly where it was. Charlotte stood back up, smiling. "I think i'm ok now!" she said, just before the teacher returned in to the room. "Did you do the plan... you know..." Jessie and Charlotte smirked. "Oh yes!" they both giggled.
  8. Miss Olli appologised to the class for the misbehaving students, and leaving the class for a long time. A few minuted passed, and the last 10 students where waiting to be seated. Charlotte was sitting next to Kelly, and Jessie was seated next to Collin. The smiled slyly at Lucy. "W-what?" Lucy said, in a confused matter. She semi-squinted one eye. "Now... On the Third row i would like... Mark to sit there." He collected his bag from the shelf and slumped down on the seat. He took out his pencil case, and placed a pen and pencil carefully by the table's corner.
  9. "Now... er..." Miss Olli said, looking slightely confused. She didn't remember selecting Mark and Lucy to sit next to eachother. She thought for a second. Charlotte and Jessie looked at Lucy with creepy smiled, Smirking and giggling at eachother.
  10. The teacher sipped some water, cleared her breath and read out the girls name. "I would like Lucy to sit next to Mark!" The whole class let out "Ooohs and Laughs." Lucy blushed, and tried to hide her moral feelings. "WHAT?" she faked, widening her eyes. Marks head was in his arm, feeling pretty embarrassed that the whole class were talking about them." "NO!" Lucy faked again. She collected her things, and remained seated. She lifted her bag from her shoulders, and placed it on the floor. Her three friends high-fived eachother, smirked and giggled. "Well done, girls!" Smiled Charlotte.

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