Which color Nail Polish should you wear today?

Can't decide which nail polish color or style is for you? Then take this quiz! Based on a few questions about your style and personality, a recommendation will be made!

The great thing about nail polish is that you can change it as easily and quickly as you change your mood or your clothes. Depending on what you are doing or feeling, choose a color or style or nail polish that shows your personal style!

Created by: amazon
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Where are you going today/tonight?
  2. What are you wearing when you go out later?
  3. What kind of mood are you in?
  4. How would you prefer to get around?
  5. What kind of movies are you most likely to watch?
  6. What is your favorite shade of lipstick/gloss?
  7. What is your favorite style of music?
  8. What are you most likely to name your kids?
  9. Will you pass this quiz onto your friends, please?
  10. How much time do you have to do your nails?

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Quiz topic: Which color Nail Polish should I wear today?