What nail polish color are you?

Have you ever wanted to put on nail polish, but you didn't kno what color to put on?? well if you take this quiz, then you will know the perfect color for you!

you could turn out to get the color that you thought you would never thought to put on. which color are you? Take this quiz to find out with in a few minutes! Enjoy!

Created by: Miranda
  1. If you met, (enter famous celeb. name) what would you say?
  2. Your outside on vacation, what will you be doing?
  3. putting socks on which one do you put on first?
  4. faverite color?? (i kno u hate it)
  5. Fave. site?
  6. Twilight... which team are you on?
  7. justin biebers walking on the sidewalk, what would you do/say?
  8. random!!!!! pick one
  9. what music?
  10. last one. i dont kno what it is....

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Quiz topic: What nail polish color am I?