What kind of Ticklee are you

What kind of Ticklee are you. Whether you like being tickled or not I know you're ticklish unless you're not in which case I feel sorta awkward. Anyways be careful you might get tickled during the quiz

Let's see, I wonder what happens if I tickle...there. Will you laugh. Will you giggle. Or will nothing happen at all. Find out what kind of Ticklee you are and what will happen.

Created by: amazon

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  1. How ticklish would you say you are.
  2. What's your most ticklish spot
  3. How do you react when tickled
  4. If your friends tied you up and are making tickling gestures (wiggling their fingers toward you) What would you do
  5. If you were free to move and your freinds were tickling you, you would
  6. How long can you resist being tickled.
  7. If your in a tickle fight and is tickling somebody, but they counter-tickle you, do you think you'll have the stength to keep tickling
  8. Do you like being tickled (doesn't count)
  9. If you were paid $100 to be tied up and tickled for an hour, would you take it (doesn't count)
  10. Did u like teh quiz
  11. Final question: Tickle tickle tickle

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Quiz topic: What kind of Ticklee am I