What kind of tickler are you

This is just a sumple test that shows what kind of tickler you are and what you would do to someone if you were given the chance. You might even prefer BEING tickled.

This should just be a little fun quiz that you take if your bored, or maybe to get some ideas ;) Hope you enjoy the questions and the result you get from them.

Created by: Nobody

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  1. If you were in a pool, what would you do that relates to tickling
  2. If you were at a party and most of the people were barefoot, and a girls feet are hanging off the table. What do you do
  3. If you had a sibling that is the same age as you, what would you do
  4. If you were to get paid to be tickled for 2 hours, how much would you need to do it.
  5. What would be your favorite tickling fantasy put of these
  6. How ticklish are you(1-10 : how much do you like being tickled BE HONEST
  7. What is the longest time you have tickled someone
  8. If somebody stuck their bare foot in your face and said "do what you want," what would you do.(they are 10/10 ticklish)
  9. If you woke up in a room with you and somebody else tied together by your ankles and you are guaranteed to be let out in an hour, what do you do.
  10. What would you favorite tickle related torture to inflict be

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Quiz topic: What kind of tickler am I