How will Erin tickle you?

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Erin is a fictional girl. Feel free to imagine all her details, such as age, ticklish spots, relationship to you and appearance. The only things you need to know about her is that she's a girl and she loves tickling! The quiz is age and gender neutral. Let your imagination run wild after the scenarios I describe in it! In this case, you will mostly be tickled. If you want to be the tickler, check out my other quiz "How will you tickle Erin?"

Disclaimer: this quiz does not contain any sexual content or abusive situations, like non-consensual tickling. Take this quiz as something with a more realistic and playful feel.

Created by: Tickler37

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  1. How ticklish are you, in general? You can give your answer in a scale of 1 to 10.
  2. What is your most ticklish spot?
  3. Where do you like to be tickled the most?
  4. Is there anywhere you don't like to be tickled?
  5. Would you like to tickle Erin as well?
  6. How long could you last being tickled?
  7. [Imaginary situation] Erin says she wants to tie your feet, oil them up and tickle them with a brush. What do you do?
  8. [Imaginary situation] Erin wants to play tickle games with you. Which one of these would you want to play?
  9. Pick a tool to be tickled with.
  10. What intensity of ticking can you handle?
  11. [Imaginary situation] You're lying face down in your bed. Erin suddenly sits on your legs and says she'll tickle your feet like crazy! What do you say?
  12. [Imaginary situation] You're lying down with your arms above your head. Erin sits on your arms to pin you down and threatens to tickle your armpits, ribs and sides! What do you say?
  13. Would you want to be restrained while tickled?
  14. [Imaginary situation] You and Erin are with a friend. They want to tie you up and tickle you together. Do you let them?
  15. [Imaginary situation] You and Erin make an unrelated bet and agree to set a tickle penalty for the loser. What is the penalty you agree on?
  16. [No effect] Did you enjoy the quiz?

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