The Tickle Dungeon Time For The Feet

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In this room your feet will be exposed to many things that are not good tickling wise because your characters feet are the most ticklish part of the body with her/him sooooo be prepared to be toured in the worst way possible tickling with only the feet.

This room will put your feet to the ultimate tickle test which will not be good because in this you are super ticklish but your feet are the most ticklish have fun in the tickle dungeon!!!! P.S:The next room should be fun for you because it has to do with your characters second most ticklish part the sides!!!!!!

Created by: BlitzShadowCake

  1. You walk down a long hallway to find a sign that reads "Left or Right. What do you choose?
  2. Left:You go left and are safe you continue left,right,or straight
  3. Right:You hear a creak in the roof you look up to see two arms come out and grab your arms and hold them up to keep you from wiggling you then hear creeks in the floor to see six arms come out two arms to hold your legs in place and four arms two for each foot one foot gets tickled by feather dusters and the other by robotic hands that have pointed fingers that don't hurt but that tickle.After 20 minutes you are free do you go straight,left,or right?
  4. Straight:You hear a strange sound that sounds like a voice you go to it it was a tape recording you say "Few."Then you hear metal and chains come from the wall that hold your arms and legs so you can't struggle. Then a female that has feathers and other things comes out and says "You have fallen into my trap." She lotions your feet up to make them soft and then starts to tickle your soft feet with feathers,her fingers that have nails on so it really tickles,and a comb with small feathers attached to the comb teeth.This lasts for 1 hour after you go Up or Down.
  5. Up: Yay your safe. Go Up and left or Up and right.
  6. Down:OH NO THE FUZZ IS BACK!!!! You run but trip you can't escape now the now worse because of the lotion and they are made of feathers this time the go in between your toes and up and down your soles for 3 seconds because vines from the floor hold you down and the fuzz combine to make an ultra fuzz with 4 small left for each foot to get in between your toes the ultra fuzz just rolls back and forth getting both feet for 20 seconds at a time which lasts for a minute.After you go up and left or up and right.
  7. Up and Left: You are safe go to "The Chair" or go to "The Lotion."
  8. Up and right: You are safe go to "The Chair" or go to "The Lotion."
  9. The Lotion:You are safe you thought this would be bad but it is not you are greeted by ladies offering you a foot massage and the name of the place is the lotion.Go left,go right
  10. The Chair:You see a chair and it looks comfortable you sit in it is comfortable then the chair has a leg rest that straps your legs down and strap your arms down to the chair to.Feathers come from the floor and there are three for each foot one for the toes,one for the soles,one for heel.Oh and your big toes are strapped together after 10 minutes later your set free and you can go left or right.
  11. Left and Right:You are safe and walk to an elevator with only an up button and when you reach the top the man on the speaker comes back and says "Congrats you have made it to the Sides,Stomach, and Armpits level." Arms come out of the roof take off your shirt that has your sides,stomach,and armpits exposed for the room."Have fun in the last room then you are free till we make a new one MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!"

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